Helena Piepers

"Have no fear of perfection, you'll never reach it."
Salvador Dali


Helena Piepers (1981) is a Belgian minimalist designer living and working in Antwerp.

She has studied different art disciplines.
Starting in high school with Applied Visual Arts, Sint-Lucas Ghent. Followed by Fashion Design and Sculpture at the Royal Academy of fine Arts Antwerp. Last but not least Jewelry & Object Design at Sint-Lucas Antwerp.
This makes her an experienced artist with a variety in artistic skills and a broad vision on design.

She has a preference for very sleek shapes, volumes and textures. Her designs are often determined by her interest in architecture, objects and furniture design.
Helena gets really excited by Bauhaus design, it brightens up her day.
On one side it’s important for her that her jewelry is wearable, on the other side she likes to just look at the design as if they are little miniature sculptures.

Another favored process in her work is to apply texture on the surface of the little objects. This is where fashion comes peeping around the corner. She often uses real fabrics which she imprints in the material. Sometimes quite recognizable, sometimes just as a mere suggestion.

She creates fine jewelry with a discrete playful accent, frills and their siblings really aren't her thing. Helena loves clearly defined shapes in contrast with the texture which can be very soft and lovely like lace.

Minimalism is a guiding principle throughout her work.
It’s not a choice but rather a necessity, it’s her Zen.

Each design is marked with a carat and master's seal.