Ringsizes: Make sure you determine the right size

Determining the ring size seems like a simple matter at first glance, but in  practice this turns out to be prone to errors. It often happens that customers do not record the ring size correctly despite the instructions and thus pass on the wrong size. Since I make every jewel tailor-made, this can of course cause annoying  surprises. To avoid additional costs, I recommend  following the measurement instructions carefully.

If you do choose to measure yourself, you can follow these measurement instructions.

The best option is to order an adjustable ring meter in our webshop.

The multisizer  works like a belt. Simply rotate it and insert the end through the buckle to form a ring. Slide the  multisizer  onto the finger and adjust it until comfortable. Check if it slides over the joints of the finger without difficulty.  You now only need to read the indicated size for the best fitting on the finger. 

The multisizer  has a small magnifying glass, so you can easily read the size.

If you do not want or cannot purchase the multisizer, you can consider the options below.

If you have a ring at hand:

Take one of your own rings that fits well (or from the person for whom the ring is intended) and place it on a ruler or measure the inner diameter with a sliding size. The visible part on the inside in the middle of the ring shows the inner diameter in millimeters.

Or you can use the .downloadable ring size chart.

  1. Print the ring size chart at 100%. 
  2. Choose a ring that fits on the same finger as the ring you want to buy.
  3. Place this ring on the circles. The diameter of the circle should be exactly the same diameter as the inside of your own ring. . If your ring falls between two sizes or you are planning to buy a stacked ring, I recommend taking a size larger.   

No ring at hand:

  1. Cut off a strip of paper about the width of the ring you want.
  2. Wrap the strip around your finger the way you want the ring to sit Just make sure the paper ring can go over your joints. This means not too loose, but also not too tight. Highlight where the paper overlaps.  Flatten the strip of paper and measure the length in millimeters (this is the circumference of your finger).  Now advise the size chart. If your ring falls between two sizes, if you are planning to buy a stacked ring or a wide ring, I recommend taking a size larger. 

Keep the following things in mind

  • The size of your fingers can be affected by certain conditions (temperature, hormones, disease,...).Your fingers hold moisture, a little more than the next.  This can even be seasonal. So what's the best time to measure a ring size? From experience I have learned that in the evening is the best time, then the fingers are  most swollen. I'll take that measurement.  So you can enjoy your ring at any time of the day.  This is of great importance for wedding rings, engagement rings. 
  • Joints: when you suffer from osteoarthritis, for example, you are often confronted with painful and swollen joints. So when you try to determine a ring size, take this into account. The ring must be able to slide smoothly over the joints.
  • A ring must should not be too tight! You need to be able to move the ring smoothly over your finger and joints. Your ring must be able to be moved on and off naturally.
  • Take into account the width of the ring, try wearing a few rings on the same finger. You will soon feel that this is not so pleasant, the size then increases one or two sizes. I have two types of ring sizes for this reason.

If you are not sure of your size, please make an  appointment without obligation. I'd be happy to receive you.  Nothing is such a shame when a custom-made jewel doesn't fit. Not every ring can be enlarged. Agiven that I work with certain textures / patterns, for example, there is a real chance that I will have to start again  from scratch. This is entirely at the expense of the customer.

To measure is to know.

Helena Piepers cannot be held responsible for any incorrect measurements as a result of these measurement instructions. If in doubt, please contact us.

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